Why You Should Study Abroad in Ireland

Have you ever thought about studying abroad in Ireland? There are many reasons this country is a top choice for international students! Some of the most compelling include: 1. An Excellent Educational System The main goal of

A Brief History Of Dublin

The vibrant capital Dublin is located on Irelands East Coast, bordered by the stunning Wicklow Mountains. The city is steeped in history, starting when the Vikings settled there in the 9th century. The Norman occupation in the

Three reasons hiring a private tutor is becoming increasingly common in emerging markets

In emerging markets, the competitive situation is usually very high. There is usually a limited chance to reach the educational programs that are the most prestigious, and if you do the competitive nature of the situation continues.

Popular educational tools for Ireland’s youngest talents

Technology and education are intertwined in today’s world and most classrooms have at least a few technological options to use in the teaching. We have collected a list of some of the most common.1. “Skype” is the

Why Ireland is a good place to study

If you are considering completing a degree abroad but still want to stay in Europe, Ireland is a good option. If you are an English student, it is cheaper than studying in the UK, classes are taught

Top 3 Universitites In Ireland to Consider for Your Bachelor Degree – Getting the best education

University is a big deal, it can be career defining, and inevitably affects your life in many aspects. That is why you want to achieve the best education that you possibly can. This may seem simple, go

IT Teaching in Irish Schools — Good Enough? Soon enough?

Research from Oxford University suggests that 47% of jobs currently performed by people are at significant risk of being taken over by computers in the next 20 years. Not just manual jobs – accountants, lawyers, doctors and

The Leaving Certificate Is Subject to Debate

Nothing stands still, and that includes educational theory. Last month (June 2016), an educational forum at Maynooth University heard several views on the Junior and Leaving Certificates (both taken by Coláiste Ráithín students) and the listening was

The Performance of Coláiste Ráithín

It is not left to Irish secondary schools to judge their own performance (though, of course, all schools should and do so); the Department of Education and Skills maintains a force of inspectors to visit schools and

What Comes Next: Ireland’s Strategy for Higher Education

After completion of the Higher Sector in secondary schools – after they leave Coláiste Ráithín or some other secondary school – the academically inclined move on to higher education. This at present is provided by: • Seven