Why Ireland is a good place to study

If you are considering completing a degree abroad but still want to stay in Europe, Ireland is a good option. If you are an English student, it is cheaper than studying in the UK, classes are taught

Top 3 Universitites In Ireland to Consider for Your Bachelor Degree – Getting the best education

University is a big deal, it can be career defining, and inevitably affects your life in many aspects. That is why you want to achieve the best education that you possibly can. This may seem simple, go

IT Teaching in Irish Schools — Good Enough? Soon enough?

Research from Oxford University suggests that 47% of jobs currently performed by people are at significant risk of being taken over by computers in the next 20 years. Not just manual jobs – accountants, lawyers, doctors and

The Leaving Certificate Is Subject to Debate

Nothing stands still, and that includes educational theory. Last month (June 2016), an educational forum at Maynooth University heard several views on the Junior and Leaving Certificates (both taken by Coláiste Ráithín students) and the listening was

The Performance of Coláiste Ráithín

It is not left to Irish secondary schools to judge their own performance (though, of course, all schools should and do so); the Department of Education and Skills maintains a force of inspectors to visit schools and

What Comes Next: Ireland’s Strategy for Higher Education

After completion of the Higher Sector in secondary schools – after they leave Coláiste Ráithín or some other secondary school – the academically inclined move on to higher education. This at present is provided by: • Seven

Why Wish for a Child to Be Educated in Irish?

Other pages on this website describe the shrinking of the Gaeltacht and the decline of the Irish language. Many of the Irish-medium schools that have grown up in recent years are in areas where Irish is spoken

The History of the Irish Language

Irish is a Goidelic or Gaelic language. The Breton language spoken in Brittany is often spoken of as a close relative of Irish, but in fact there are two separate Insular Celtic languages: The Goidelic languages The

The Shrinking of the Gaeltacht

The Gaeltacht is the part of Ireland that is regarded as Irish-speaking first and foremost – that is, an area where the first and preferred language of the majority of residents is Irish. To qualify as part

The School Program

Coláiste Ráithín is a secondary school run by the Irish Education and Training Board. So what does “secondary school” mean in Ireland? Ireland has three levels of education: Primary Secondary Higher (also known as “third level”) Secondary