Popular educational tools for Ireland’s youngest talents

Technology and education are intertwined in today’s world and most classrooms have at least a few technological options to use in the teaching. We have collected a list of some of the most common.1. “Skype” is the most widely used online chat and video calling tool. It can be used to keep in touch with other teachers and attending meetings and seminars online. It can be used by teachers to connect with other classrooms, even in other countries. It also helps in transparency and participation by parents, allowing them to join in on the lessons from time to time and monitor their ward’s progress.

shutterstock_381402532Pinterest and Animoto are great online tools

2. “Pinterest” is a social media platform for all. Many teachers are using this social media platform to collect lesson plans, projects, and inspirational material to use in their lessons. The students can use the platform for a number of different school projects 3. “Animoto” is another tool that makes it easy to create video-based lessons. This way the lesson is always available, so if a student is sick, he or she can easily join in on what has happened later. A lot of students also prefer live teachings instead of text-based, making Animoto a very useful tool. Check Schoolapply.co.in to find forward-thinking educational options.

Some more educational Tools for the students

4. “On Mentor Mob”, the students, and the teachers can create a learning playlist with a collection of high-quality materials used to study a specific concept. A great tool for adding more multimedia to the learning process. 5. “Apple Ipad” is one of the most often used technical tools used in education. Somewhat expensive, but has a lot of advantages. A lot of educational apps are developed for the for the device, and it has become increasingly popular in classrooms all over the world. 6. “Google earth” has become a great addition to the old atlas, where the teachers quickly can show the students some real life footage.