Why Ireland is a good place to study

If you are considering completing a degree abroad but still want to stay in Europe, Ireland is a good option. If you are an English student, it is cheaper than studying in the UK, classes are taught in English so you won’t have any problem to follow and it gives you the opportunity to experience a different country, while still being close to your friends and family. On the other hand, if you are a European exchange student wanting to do an undergrad degree abroad, it is a great place to study in an English-speaking country and perfect your language skills, and you don’t need a visa to go there.

shutterstock_321144440How to apply to Irish Universities

Irish Universities are free to Irish students and have a Free Fees Initiative scheme for European students where you don’t have to pay for the courses but only a registration fee of €3000, which is still much cheaper than studying in England. There are also grants and scholarships available. A number of Irish universities are well-ranked in the top universities around the world. To make the process of applying easier, check Schoolapply.co.in . You can manage your applications on all your devices from this portal as it synchronises them automatically. You can also add all relevant documents and apply to up to five universities with a single application. Isn’t that cool?

What will I gain from it?

Studying abroad, whether it is for a semester of for the whole three years of your undergraduate degree, is a valuable experience. It opens your horizons and makes you discover other cultures and meet new people. Going to spend a few months abroad gets more complicated as you progress in your career, so it is an opportunity you should take while you’re a student. Take advantage of all the schemes to help students finance their studies, and enjoy the life abroad. On a different note, Ireland is the country of Guinness and St Patrick’s day and is a fun place for students to party!